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Our store is centrally located between the Cowlitz river, which has great fishing throughout the year, and Mt St Helens which is an outdoor paradise, that offers great hunting, hiking, and camping, along with many other outdoor activities. At On Target Outdoors, we pride ourselves on great customer service.
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Gun Cleaning

Keeping your firearm clean and well cared for is important to ensure your firearm operates properly and is safe to handle. However, sometimes you don’t have the time to clean or service your firearm, so that’s why we offer several cleaning and firearm service options for you to consider. Our trained Armorers will provide exceptional care for your firearm.

You should expect to have your firearm in service for about 1 week. Your firearm will be inspected at the time of service and, if anything warrants further attention, you will be contacted.


Scope Mounting and bore sighting

Our Gun PROS will precisely position your scope using appropriate mounts to set it in place. They’ll make adjustments and ensure the eye relief is correct, so it can properly assist in quick target acquisition. With the gun in a cradle, the PRO will make sure the scope is level and tighten the mounts.

Once your scope is professionally mounted, your Gun PRO will boresight the scope using specialized equipment to align the sight with the barrel. This will reduce the time you need to spend zeroing in on your target at the range. Without boresighting service, sighting your scope can take several rounds and increase time needed at the range.

Private Sale Transfers

During 2014, the State of Washington became the first state to create a law which required background checks on private firearms sales via voter initiative. This law made it mandatory for private sellers and buyers to perform transactions for firearms via FFLs (firearms dealers who are federally licensed).

The federally-licensed firearm dealer, or FFL, is now required to process transactions as though dealers are selling firearms from their own inventories and therefore must adhere to the same state and federal laws which regulate the business practices of dealers of firearms. For example, FFLs will need to perform background checks on purchasers.

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Used gun trade ins


Consignment Sales